In Tune With Nature

Kanobe combines rich, organic ingredients in hand-crafted body care, drawing on centuries’ old beauty traditions that focus on both the health and appearance of our skin.

All products are cruelty free and based on food-grade, high quality ingredients that are free from toxins, rich in antioxidants and soothing to the skin. They are created with gentle methods that preserve the integrity of the organic produce. What’s more, the entire range is free of synthetic ingredients and fragrances, making it particularly suitable for sensitive skin.

Kanobe's Star Ingredients

Kanobe spotlights ethically sourced, African wonder-ingredients alongside nourishing, organic produce from around the world.


Clean Ingredients

Kanobe uses organic produce, which is non-GMO and grown without harmful pesticides. All ingredients are 100% natural and biodegradable, making them gentle on both our skin and the planet. When preservatives are used, they are always plant-derived and COSMOS approved. In addition, fragrances are always natural, stemming from either the fresh ingredients, or certified organic essential oils and distilled absolutes of plants, seeds and flowers.

No-Waste Policy

No single-use items are involved in the production process - for example, innovative, compostable gloves are used as part of the hygienic creation of Kanobe lotions, soaps and oil blends.

Conscious Packaging

Kanobe products are provided in re-usable and recyclable glass bottles and jars, minimising the use of plastic. The sustainable packaging includes beautiful, FSC® certified beechwood accessories that are fully detachable for easy sorting and recycling. In addition, orders are always shipped in FSC® certified boxes and biodegradable, protective wood wool.

A Passion Project

Kanobe is based in the melting pot of Brussels, where its Nigerian-Swedish founder, Rezzi, incorporates the beauty secrets she has encountered during her travels across the range of clean, natural products.

Launching Kanobe was borne out of her own search for botanical remedies and organic body care with honest labels and pure, ethically sourced ingredients. Fostering fair supplier relationships is central to Kanobe, which values the farmers and producers often undercompensated within the supply chain.

Kanobe takes much inspiration from the vivavious women of its founder’s family - in particular her mother Elohor and her grandmother, in whose honour Kanobe is named.